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June 18th, 2022

Greenville Pickens Speedway

Easley, SC.

The Fass Big Rig Series take on Greenville Pickens Speedway Sat Jun 18th.

Gates open at 630 pm and the qualifying will start at 7:30 pm.

Get ready to see Big Rigs in a whole new way, flying around the track in some of the most high-risk, wheel-to-wheel racing you’ve ever seen.

The event begins with a qualifying round, pushing each truck to lay down the fastest lap time they can muster. Once the running order has been determined, we get the drivers into their heats and roll right ahead to the first round of races. Watch as these trucks battle it out for the best position in our Main Features.

What’s so special about our Main Features, besides the fact that there are two of them? They present a unique layout that allows for (and absolutely encourages) risky passing and aggressive bumper-to-bumper action. Like any race, we start with the lineup that was determined by heat results, and the trucks try to gain a few places or defend their positions. In our second feature race, we throw tradition out the window; If you want to see action, this is where it happens.

We take our well-earned line up and we flip it, giving the trucks in last place a chance to start the race and gain some ground while the best of the day have to fight their way back into the lead from dead last. The driver with the best position combined from both features leaves with the trophy, fame and glory of being the Fass Big Rig Champion!


Tell your family and friends, mark your calendars and join us for a day of racing, mayhem and memories.

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